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Halilit - Melody Tubes

Halilit - Melody Tubes

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Melody Tubes - the perfect educational music-making instruments! Melody Tubes C Major Scale includes 8 tuned percussion tubes ranging one octave, with colours corresponding to notes on the musical scale. Hit the tube on a surface or the palm of your hand to produce musical sounds. Suitable for age approximately 2+ years old.Features;

  • Produce joyful sounds by simply hitting different surfaces, such as the floor, a chair, or the palm of your hand.
  • The simplicity of these resources lets everyone with no experience play music. Children can make their own merry music in no time.
  • Play alone or with friends, at home or in school - it is always time for music!
  • The colorful Melody Tubes are tuned, one octave C to C, each color corresponding with a note of the musical scale.
  • Fantastic to learn music and create fun games and social activities.
  • Made of light, durable and safe material for endless hours of musical fun.
  • From toddlers to seniors, everybody loves playing Melody Tubes!

Introduce children to the magical world of music through Halilit's beautiful, exceptional musical resources. The Halilit musical range are made from high quality materials creating endless possibilities to improve children's skills, creativity and abilities. The innovative designs, quality materials and accurate sounds make this range the safe and educational choice for the developing early childhood years.Ages 2+ years