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Shake Listen And Match.

Shake Listen And Match.

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The Edushape Shake, Listen and Match memory game encourages listening and develops memory skills.


This fun memory game will have you shaking the large plastic bells, listening to the sound and trying to find its match.

Find out how good your sensory perception is by finding the pair if bells that sound the same.

This simple game is a wonderful way to develop listening skills, concentration and memory.

Recommended for 2yrs+ but it will definitely test an adult’s listening skills.

Each sturdy bell is made from solid plastic.  They are a good size for little hands.

Approximately 6.5 x 6.5cm

Includes a handy tray to place the bells in for the game.

Edushape Shake, Listen and Match memory game Features:

  • 12 different bells (6 pairs of sounds)
  • Great listening game for all ages
  • Promotes auditory and memory skills

The Shake, Listen and Match game is a sound based memory game.