Why Sensory Items are Beneficial

Anxiety can stop Kids from participating in activities at school and socially, It can also result in physical symptoms such as stomach pain and headaches.

Anxiety can affect Kids ability to concentrate when they are in a situation where they feel overwhelmed.

Sensory Items can help calm Kids by providing something external for them to focus on fidgeting can help calm anxiety by providing an outlet of energy. 

The squeezing motion helps reduce anxiety by soothing both the muscles and the mind. Squeezing tenses the muscles in the hand and arm, When released tension leaves the muscle and relieves stress from the entire body. 

Research has proven that putty and moulding balls can be good for children suffering from ADHD and Kids with anxiety to replace a stimming behaviour.  

Sensory Items provide the particular sensory input that many Kids with autism crave, they can assist in improving concentration and focus especially for Kids who need to keep their hands busy to listen and attend. 

I am currently working on my sensory range, I am also under going more education and furthering my studies as this is something that is very important to me.  I want to be able to provide you and your kids with the perfect aids to assist  in your everyday routines, and to provide you with the best knowledge that I can.