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Our in-store sensory room

Since the creation of Kidsnest in 2018 I have always dreamed of having a calm area in my shop front where people can come and test our larger products before they purchase them to ensure that they are going to be both beneficial and the correct sensory aids for themself or their kids.

I know this importance of this being a sensory Mum.

I wanted it to be a room where people can feel safe to try our items, a room where people can just sit and have some time out.

In 2022 this dream became a reality after the February floods when we took on 2 more shops allowing us to expand and create this magical area for my local community.

This room is now available by bookings only

** To allow you the 1 on 1 time that is needed when finding the perfect sensory aids**

Below are some photos of our sensory room:

We are currently researching and testing new beneficial items to add this room over the next few months.


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