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Calm Kids Kits.
Calm Kids Kits.
Calm Kids Kits.
Calm Kids Kits.
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Calm Kids Kits.

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Calm Kids Kits

Often when kids feel anxious, stressed or angry they know they NEED to calm down ...... but what they need help with is a way to BEGIN.

Our Calm Kids Kit includes resources, tools and strategies that can help your child to manage big emotions and anxious feelings. A great kit for a Calm Kids space.

Sometimes when kids get stressed or anxious they have nervous energy. Anxious fidgeting occurs because they have elevated stress hormones, we have included a Sensory -  Toy that can help children relieve their excess energy by giving them something to concentrate on and create.

Controlled deliberate breathing is a great way to help kids calm their emotions. We have included Bubble Wands in our kits to encourage deep conscious breathing aiding relaxing and and stress relief in a subtle and fun way.

Also included in our Calm Kids Kit is a beautiful Worry Doll - with a verse about how the worry doll can help your little one manage their fears or emotions.

We have a custom pack of cards - designed specifically for our Calm Kids Kit along with a bespoke timber stand to display your cards.

 Calm Kids Card Pack

  • "Mindful Breathing" Cards - Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. It helps send messages to your brain to calm down and relax.
  • Self Talk - Using positive words with the use of our Affirmation Cards and our "Calm Down" strategy cards to assist in calming little minds.
  • Grounding - 5 senses Card to assist with Mindful Thinking.
  • Naming your Emotion Cards to help your child name and identify their emotion. This helps them explain how they are feeling, understand that all feelings are ok, and with each emotion card we have strategies on the back to give your child some suggestions of how they can cope with the feelings they are having and to help them manage in a socially acceptable way.

The best thing we can do if our little loves experience feelings of anxiety is teach them how to manage and cope with it.

Our Calm Kids Kit includes:

1x Mindful Colouring Tote Bag

4x Coloured Textas

1x Sensory Fidget Toy (colour will be randomly selected)

1x Bubble Bottle

1x Worry Doll (Colour will he randomly selected)

1x Worry Doll verse card

4x Emotion Cards

4x Managing Emotions Strategy Cards

4x Calming Affirmation Cards

1x Mindful Breathing Technique Card

3x Mindfulness Activity Cards

1x Big Feelings are OK card 

Our Calm Kits come complete with a Mindful Colouring Tote Bag to make your child’s Calm Kit, easy to transport and keep together for those moments of BIG emotions.

Our bags come in a variety of styles which we can select when you select Pink or Blue.

All items in our Kit are recommended for children ages 3+.