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Name the emoticon-pop culture

Name the emoticon-pop culture

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Put your Emoticon knowledge to the test with this new and amusing card game. Cards in the Pop Culture edition feature famous tv shows, films, music, celebs, websites and sayings you have to guess from the string of emoji.

As we all interpret emojis differently this game is not as easy as it sounds and will result in fits of laughter as ridiculous guesses ensue.


  • PUT YOUR EMOTICON KNOWLEDGE TO THE TEST | Popular and famous TV shows, films, music, celebs, websites and sayings are shown as Emoticons and you simply have to guess the correct meaning. As we all interpret Emoticons differently, this game is not as easy as it sounds. And it will result in fits of laughter as the ridiculous guesses ensue.
  • SUITABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY | Looking for new fun family games or card games for adults and teenagers? This new and amusing card game is loved by kids, adults and teens and makes a hilarious party game to play with friends and family! Makes a great travel game or can be played at home on the sofa or at a table. A perfect addition to holiday games!
  • FEATURES YOUR FAVOURITE EMOTICONS | Everyone loves emojis – that's why this fantastic smart party game offers hours of hilarious fun! A great memory game to test your knowledge of both Emoticons and popular culture, including TV shows, films, music, celebs, websites, and sayings. Ditch the boring old board games, it's time for your family to enter the 21st century with the Bubblegum Stuff Pop Culture Emoticon Game!
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT OR PRESENT | This flash cardboard game makes a great gift for kids, teenagers, and adults! Whether it's a birthday gift for a boy or a girl or board games for families to play at Christmas – this hilarious memory quiz game brings everyone together on any occasion.
  • POP CULTURE VERSION | This is the Pop Culture version of the hilarious original product * also available in Original, Sports, Travel, Music, TV, US TV, Movie and X-Rated editions.
  • Hours of endless laughter for you, your kids, your friends, and your family!
  • This top family board game is a favourite in many households.
  • What better family card game! x56 cards included.