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Whoopsydoo bead coaster

Whoopsydoo bead coaster

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Little fingers can't wait to spin, slide, and explore the endless movements of these colorful beads!

Cubes and spheres mesmerize the eyes as they move smoothly down the sloping metal bars. Larger rings add a unique twist of fun as they spin, rattle, and wobble this way and that.

Then, check out the beads along the two bars connecting the two sides – How fast do you think you can make them spin?

Wonderfully compact and complete with suction cups for holding the whole thing in place atop any smooth, non-porous surface, the WhoopsyDoo Bead Coaster is a simple must-have for early tactile exploration.

WhoopsyDoo Bead Coaster

  • Colorful, compact set of bead tracks with a suction-cup base
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory exploration, cause-effect learning
  • A simple must-have for early tactile exploration
  • Features 2 large slopes, squiggly slope, 2 bars connecting the 2 wooden bases
  • 2 larger rings add a unique twist of wobbling, rattling, spinning excitement
  • Suction cups hold bead coaster securely in place atop any smooth, non-porous surface
  • Includes one bead coaster
  • High quality materials and construction for lasting durability, exceptional sensory exploration experience