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Wood Letter Puzzle And Tracing Stencil Board

Wood Letter Puzzle And Tracing Stencil Board

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We like to think of this as The Better, Letter board.

Raff loved his letter puzzles when he was little(er), but now he “can read the green level reading books, Dad” they are below him, but he still needs some help forming some of his letter shapes (don’t be ashamed, I do too at times), so we wanted to make a letter board that can be used for the youngest folk and they can keep using when they are a bit bigger, it’s a 2-in-1!

Best of all, if you are like me and can never find the right wood toy to match that “oh so in right now on all the Instagram pictures of kids playrooms that look amazing but probably never actually look like that when they are played in” decor, well, you can paint these yourself - instant Instagram fame and admiration.

You can thank us later.

This comes with all UPPER CASE letters, the letter board (with pencil holder of course) and a handmade, full size cotton bag to store the whole thing in for easy storage and 'not get lost behind the couch' play.

Made from Australian pine and left raw for easy painting by you and your young people.

34cm x 29cm x 6mm high.